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Abschließender Newsletter (Nr. 7, November 2007)

eingestellt von Christian Boulanger — 04.12.2007 14:10

Der abschließender Newsletter des zur internationalen Konferenz "Law and Society in the 21st Century“ vom 25. bis zum 28. Juli 2007, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin wurde veröffentlicht.


Rede der Bundesministerin Zypries auf dem Kongress

eingestellt von Christian Boulanger — 04.12.2007 14:07

Rede der Bundesministerin der Justiz, Brigitte Zypries (MdB), beim Empfang für die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer des Kongresses „Law and Society in the 21st Century: Transformations, Resistances, Futures“ am 26. Juli 2007 in Berlin (deutsche Übersetzung des auf Englisch gehaltenen Vortrags).


Die Konferenz in der Presse

eingestellt von Christian Boulanger — 13.08.2007 17:28

Der internationale Rechtssoziologiekongress "Law and Society in the 21st Century" hat in Deutschland ein breites Echo in der Presse gefunden.


CRN on Law and Society in East Asia Business Meeting

eingestellt von miyaset — 20.07.2007 19:37

A short business meeting will be held immediately after Session 4214 "Concepts and Approaches in Law and Society in East Asia" at 10:30-12:00, Saturday, July 28, at HU14 (find exact place in the printed program) in the same room. Members of IRC on East Asian Legal Professionalism and other interested people are all invited to attend in order to officially launch the CRN as a permanent group on East Asia in the LSA.


EASA Anthropology of Rights and Law business meeting

eingestellt von rtoivane — 18.07.2007 15:32

FRIDAY JULY 27 At 1.30pm All old and potential new members of the European Association for Social Anthropology (EASA) network on Anthropology of Rights and Law are welcome to join the business meeting. On the agenda you will find planning for future activities and exchange of ideas to foster cooperation between the members and their universities (joint research projects, conferences, teaching exchange) You are are welcome to join us on Friday 27.July from 1.30pm to 2.30 pm in the conference room HU 07


CRN-23 International Human Rights announcement of business meeting

eingestellt von ldickins2 — 13.07.2007 16:12

Announcement of business meeting Friday, July 27 from 1:30-2:30


The Oñati Institute

eingestellt von susanaarrese — 12.07.2007 23:04

If you want to know more about the Oñati Institute (International Institute for the Sociology of Law) a Special Service Panel is organised for Wednesday, 25th July, at 16:30. There is a price of a one week residence grant at the Institute to be won by one of the persons attending this Service Panel .


CRN/IRC Law and Counter-Hegemonic Globalization

eingestellt von crodrigu — 12.07.2007 22:54

Berlin activities


Information about Sessions organized by IRC/CRN “Public Opinion and the Courts”

eingestellt von KGalstyan — 12.07.2007 22:54

As part of International Meeting in Berlin, CRN/IRC on Public Opinion and the Courts has proposed 2 sessions: (1) Justice Systems and the Public in Different Societies and in Different Time-Frames; July 26, 8:15am - 10:00am, and (2) The Public’s Confidence in Courts and Legal System: A Comparative Approach; July 28, 8:15am - 10:00am.


RCSL WG Legal Profession, Subgroup Women/Gender in the Legal Profession

eingestellt von schultzu — 12.07.2007 22:54

information on group and session on Friday, July 27th at 8:15 a.m., room 41, HU


IRC Public Interest Law

eingestellt von cummings — 12.07.2007 22:51

About our IRC


South Asia Panels & Meetings

eingestellt von mitrasharafi — 18.07.2007 08:20

The South Asia CRN (CRN 22) and South Asian Legal History IRC are sponsoring a number of panels at the Berlin LSA. Several other panels also have South Asian elements (in some cases, a chair or discussant whose work focuses on South Asia). All are listed below. In addition, a South Asia CRN Lunch with Marc Galanter will take place on Wed., July 25, 12.30-2pm at the Restaurant Aigner (Französischestr. 25). The IRC will meet to discuss publication plans over drinks on Friday evening, July 27. We will meet at 7pm outside the front entrance of Humboldt Universitaet. Please contact Mitra Sharafi if you would like to attend the lunch (closing date: Wednesday, July 18), if you are unable to attend the IRC meeting, and with any other questions:


CRN/IRC Law and Counter-Hegemonic Globalization

eingestellt von crodrigu — 12.07.2007 22:48

Berlin Activities


IRC Lay Participation sessions at conference

eingestellt von vh42 — 12.07.2007 16:32

Here is a listing of the IRC Lay Participation in Legal Decision Making Sessions.


Announcing meeting for IRC Lay Participation in Law

eingestellt von vh42 — 12.07.2007 15:59

Business meeting July 25, 2:30 pm, Room 144 Law School Building


IRC Gender & Judging

eingestellt von dfeenan — 09.07.2007 12:05

Details of this International Research Collaborative and its Berlin Sessions:


IRC Islamic Legal Frameworks

eingestellt von jbowen — 09.07.2007 12:03

Please note our panel on Friday morning (10:15), where scholars from Europe and North America contrast ways in Muslims across these regions have adapted to legal regimes, regarding halal foods, mosque construction, and the place of Islamic law in judicial proceedings. We also will host an open discussion about the Collaborative; please stay tuned for date and place. Questions? Contact me at



eingestellt von queenpenny — 09.07.2007 12:01

Details of Panels sponsored by the African CRN


RCSL Working Group on Law and Popular Culture

eingestellt von kipper — 03.07.2007 17:27

Below are details of sessions run under auspices of this in Berlin, and some further details of other opportunities in the area



eingestellt von queenpenny — 02.07.2007 10:18